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Leave your myths in Greece...!!! Mercoledì, 01 Febbraio 2012

Hi! We are Laura from Italy and Murielle from France! Before becoming EVS volunteers in Greece we were a restorer and a student of psychology but we applied for a project with wild animals….owl, deer, buzzard, falcon, hedgehog, turtles (a lot), seagull, fox and PIGEONS (the wildest animal alive…eh!!!). The center where we work is in Athens…not so far from the Acropoli and the sea!
During our staying in Greece we had the chance to meet a lot of friends from all over Europe that were doing their EVS in different parts of Greece! For that we could go to visit them and discover new cities and villages…and have great times all together (ευχαριστουμε μπιρα!!!). We travelled in Peloponnese, in Prespa, in Meteora, some beautiful islands and so much more!!!
We are really happy to have this experience because we had the opportunity to discover a different culture and to learn a new language very interesting. Also we created strong friendships that will last and we are already planning to go to visit each other in not so long at the end of the program!
Do a European service and enjoy the most every day of your EVS life!!!