I did my EVS in an elderly house in Trento, North Italy, in 2012/13 :-)
The EVS is a wonderful experience, even when sometimes it's hard, especially in these winter months, when it's not that sunny and cold and you sit in your appartment, missing your home.
It teaches you many things and lets you grasp an idea of your own possibilities and behaviour in a foreign country without your old, known structures.
It gives you a clear immage of your abilities to live by your own, without relying on other people or having your family and friends with you, while maintaing a secure and comfortable frame for your living (expenses, needs etc.).
It's a miniature of a possible living style of your future without letting you have the risks of the real life, i.e. having an emergency cushion (EVS with all its many contact persons and mentors, the insurance etc.).

I am very thankful to my sending organisation ijgd and to InCo for giving me the possibility to experience a whole new life style in a different country with different people!

I received a better welcome in Vicenza in norther Italy than I ever could have expected. My colleagues were amazing but more incredible was the way the children I worked with welcomed me into their family. It is the time I spent with them that was the most transformative and most special of my project.
I feel immeasurably lucky that I not only found a brilliant project but that I found brilliant friends, Italian and 'stranieri'. Without them, my time would have been without some of its sparkle. Not just because of the many good times spent eating, drinking and laughing together but because of what I have learned from them. I am privileged to call them my friends and I can't wait to get back to see them.

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