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Primo estate a Italia

Remedios Torrico Trento Volunteer
Primo post di Reme in italiano dopo di 11 mesi in Italy. 

Un`anno imperdibile

Qui racconto un po`della mia esperienza come una volontaria del "ESC", un`opportunità per ciascuno, chi vuole ampliare i propri orrizionti e chi vuole vivere un certo periodo differentemente rispetto alla vita  quotidiana.


Juliette L'her Volunteer Trento
Juliette just finished her ESC experience in Trento and shares a last blog post with us. 

My year in Italy a.k.a. the best decision of 2020

Hello everyone!My name is Melike. I am a 25-year-old English teacher from Turkey who spent 10 wonderful months volunteering in Molfetta. Here in this blog post, I will try to explain and summarize my experience for you.After a stressful working year in İstanbul...

Juan's first impressions

Juan Torregrosa Volunteer Trento
Juan has already spent his first few months in Italy and wanted to share some snippets of the experience. 


Jakub Kania volunteer Trento ESC European Solidarity Corps
First blog post from Jakub our new volunteer from Poland who will be doing his ESC in Trentino Social Tank.  


Molfetta mi sta a cuore. Questo è il motto che mi ha accolto ogni giorno quando sono andata a lavorare al Comune di Molfetta. E dopo un anno, posso dire che è vero. 

My experience in Molfetta 2020/2021

My experience in Molfetta was so far the best experience i have ever made. I learned more things tham I could ever write in an article.

My volunteer experience in Česká Lípa, in the small...

#european solidarity corps #czech republic #soft skills #education #discovering
Too many things have happened in this exciting and upsetting year. In this article I have tried to share with you my feelings and my personal and professional growth in the hope that it will also be a warning for the youngest and not to be afraid to leave and...

My volunteering experience in Molfetta

Reflecting on my ESC experience :)

A year of experiences, friendships and growth - the...

molfetta sve esc
I’m Flóra Fábián, a Hungarian girl who came straight out of the nest of her parents and the safety of high school, freshly graduated, at 18,  while being still very much a little girl, a kiddo, to take on an adventure and go to live in the South of Italy...