InCo Trento

Lo staff dell'associazione InCo di Trento al momento è composto da 10 persone, tutte piene di entusiasmo e con esperienze di mobilità internazionale alle spalle!

Al momento stiamo ospitando un volontario europeo dalla Polonia, una tirocinante universitaria e una giovane in servizio civile.

Kerstin Oschmann

Founder and manager of InCo Trento. The association was created by her together with a group of friends in 2004, with the aim of promoting international volunteering opportunities at that time still little known in Italy. The idea of engaging in the field of...

Stella Gelmini

Stella Gelmini has been working at InCo since 2015 and holds a degree in International Studies. Currently, she coordinates the association and takes care of international mobility orientation activities and intercultural training activities. She has designed,...

Anya Ivanova

Anya Ivanova is involved in youth work and international mobility projects since 2011. She collaborates with InCo since May 2018, coordinating various international programs and managing the european project design. Anya has been involved in coordinating...

Patricia Dragan

Patricia Dragan has been collaborating with InCo since September 2018 as a coordinator of various international volunteering programs and as an Erasmus+ project designer. In 2010 she participated in her first youth exchange in Romania and fell in love with the...

Neus Iranzo

Neus Iranzo has a degree in Political Science and a Masters in "Intercultural Competence and Management". At InCo she mainly deals with the administrative and accounting part, as well as the management of different projects such as the...

Marco Mosetti

Marco Mosetti took part in his first international experience in Belgium in 2013 which changed him and motivated him to search for new opportunities to explore and learn new things. He travelled to Germany, did an Erasmus in Greece and, after graduating from...

Daria Dembska

Fabiana Paoli 

Francesca Berguecio Bertolini

Adele Vercelli

Mateusz Przybylski

Loredana Berguecio Bertolini

Chaimaa Daanouni