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Il sogno della Spagna si è avverato per Letizia!

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Letizia ci racconta con entusiasmo della sua esperienza a Limia, dove ha svolto un progetto ESC di dodici mesi a sostegno di persone con disabilità!

V. day: Every rain is followed by sun

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We started the fifth day earlier than usually. We went to the city to visit two job agencies, Umana and Eures. In Umana, we discussed about what to write in our CVs and what we should and shouldn't do during job interviews. After that, we went to Eures, where we...

IV. day: Life and work

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The day started with an entertaining game that was about sitting on chairs when the music stopped. There was one chair less than persons, so in every round the person who was on his/her foot, lost the game. Then, the coordinators made groups to talk about our...

III. Day: Meeting bad/good sides of starting and running...

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We started our day with choosing photos that represent our dream job. We formed groups and discussed our wishes /dream job by answering to the questions that we got on paper. Later, we formed different groups and we all got assignments, so we had to prepare a list...