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Time flies in Trento

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Today the calendar marks one whole month since I started my ESC experience in Trento. I can say that it exceeded my expectations.

My experience in Mofetta ( April-August)

the best experience of my life

The beginning of the adventure

My name is Maya, I'm 21 years old and it's been now one month and a half that I arrived in trento for my volunteering project ... 

My ESC experience - my first month in Italy

Ciao a tutti!I am Lisa and I am volunteer taking part in ESC-project. Now I am already living for more than one month in Bolzano a city in South-Tirol. In this brief article I want to give you a small impression about my...

There’s still a looooot to live

Ciao! My name is Anna, I’m from Barcelona and I came here to do a volunteering year in Bolzano after finishing my bachelor’s degree and working one year as a teacher in Spain, looking for a new experience.

10 wonderful months in Molfetta

My name is Emma and I volunteered in Italy for 10 months, in a small city in Puglia called Molfetta.

My experience so far

My volonteer service here in Trento started on the 8th of September. However the beginning was not going as expected because my project at the secondary school JA Commenius started 2 weeks later, which was actually pretty good for me because i had time to get to...

My first month in Trento

Ciao, my name is Caroline. I am 18 years old and since the 8 th of September I am volunteering in Trento. I come from Düren, a small city near cologne in the west of Germany. I always wanted to go abroad for a year after graduating from high school. And...

Goodbye Inco, goodbye ESC.

The time has come to finish my project, a year is only long when you think about it, but in practice it went by way too fast.

A year in Puglia

When Covid-19 started in my last semester of university, it made me feel more uncertain about my future than I already was. So, after a lot of thinking, I chose to take a gap year and do a volunteer project and now I can tell you it was the best thing I could have...

A journey in Puglia

Living for a few months with other voluteers to discover Molfetta, work and promote european interactions.

Forza Italia numero 2!

Christina Theodorou Trento Volunteer ESC Italia
I know, I know, long time no see! What can I say, I’ve been busy.