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Life in the south

A special year in another country

My Volunteer Experience in Molfetta

I arrived in Italy after spending 1 year in Sweden. I couldn't have planned a more extreme switch between people's temperament, mindset and approach towards... kinda everything. 

One year in Molfetta

One year project in Molfetta

A memorable experience in Molfetta

This was the best experience I had so far, mostly because of the amazing people I got to know. I enjoyed living abroad and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to live the Italian culture. I won’t forget all its ‘rules’! ;)

Cris' experience in Bolzano with Caritas

You can avoid a friend asking you to do a testimonial but you can`t avoid two, so here I am.

Arrividerci Trento

Ciaoo a tutti- Hello again, this is the second and last testimonial that I write

Rebecca's experience in Bolzano

I always wanted to live a year in another country, so after I finished school in 2021, I took the train to Bolzano. I didn’t choose Italy in particular, but now I am very happy to be in this country.

Mathilda's experience in Svezia

Ciao! Mi chiamo Mathilda e sto svolgendo il mio progetto di volontariato ESC a Borås, una cittadina nel sud della Svezia, in un centro socio-culturale.

Anna's experience in Germany

Allora, da dove comincio?


 Ciao! Mi chiamo Giorgia, ho 19 anni e da settembre 2021 mi trovo a Lehtimäki in Finlandia come volontaria in una scuola per persone con disabilità fisiche e intellettive.


Ciao! I’m Anna, from Spain and I’m volunteering at VKE, in Bolzano. 

Volunteering experience in Molfetta

Hi! My name is Klara, and I have been volunteering in Molfetta for the past five months. It has always been a dream for me to live in Italy, and Molfetta has been the place where my dream came true.