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19/08/2022 Kira Weisgerber

Hi, I am Kira and I was in Molfetta for 12 months.

Hi, I am Kira and I was in Molfetta for 12 months. After I graduated from high school, I knew that I definitely wanted to go abroad and try something that could also interest me in my future. I found the place at InCo office and it sounded really interesting to me (of course living next to the sea in the South of Italy didn’t sound too bad either ;) ). Before I came to Italy, I could not imagine what Molfetta would be like and what my life will look like there. (of course you can look at pictures on Google, but they are usually not as accurate either...). I therefore not really had expectations coming there and definitely got positively surprised! Molfetta is a beautiful city with exactly the magic I had imagined from a small city in Puglia. I enjoyed my time in the office, the atmosphere was very different from what I was used to working in Germany and I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted to do. For example, I made a podcast with another volunteer, which is something I would have never done in Germany. As in every experience abroad, it took me some time to get used to the city, the way of life and the fact that Italian people just eat Italian food, especially pasta. But once I did, Molfetta became a place where I felt at home, and this was mainly due to the incredible people I met who made me feel that way. I have learned so much in this year, about myself and my values, about other people and cultures but especially about similarities that we all have even beyond the borders of the countries. I am very grateful for this time and would recommend everyone to do the experience as a volunteer!