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24/06/2024 Sevgi Arkan

''Be the reason someone smiles'' as Roy T. Bennett says... This is exactly what I try to do here and in fact every moment of my life.

Before coming here, I knew that Italian people were friendly and warm-hearted, but I could not have guessed this much! From the very first day, the students and I started to hug each other (a lot). That first day, I realized that it would be a great experience for me. Another special moment for me was when I started learning Molfettese. The moment I said ''Faschald'', all the locals were laughing, having fun and kissing me! And I was enjoying it immensely. :D♥ Molfetta is a great place for volunteering, with its small population, cute shops, sea and most importantly, cute people! Just smile at them once and they are ready to help you in any way they can. We always respected each other, taught each other about our cultures, and always laughed! 

Everyone at Battisti-Pascoli school, from the principal to all the teachers, from the project manager to my mentor, are such good people...

Volunteering was something I wanted to do throughout my life because doing something wholeheartedly is a valuable concept for me and I feel great that I had the opportunity to do this experience here! 

In conclusion, if you are someone who likes to see the positive side of life, I believe that you will have incredible moments with your organization, your volunteer friends, and the local people (do not forget to learn the dialect ^._.^).

As Gandhi says ''Be the change you want to see in the world!''. :)♥

♥...grazie a tutti per questa bellissima esperienza...♥