Volunteering experience in Molfetta Blog dei volontari

21/04/2022 Klara Hansen

Hi! My name is Klara, and I have been volunteering in Molfetta for the past five months. It has always been a dream for me to live in Italy, and Molfetta has been the place where my dream came true.

Even though I’m ending the project two months earlier than planned I’ve had the most wonderful, learn full and self developing experiences here in Italy. I’ve been working in AUSER which is an organization for seniors. They come to AUSER to talk, play cards, dance and do gymnastics with each other. They mostly speak with each other in the local dialect so I’ve not only learned some Italian but also few words in dialect;) 

Molfetta is located at the seaside which I’ve appreciating a lot with walks and runs alongside the beaches and just staying and taking some time to read or study Italian. Because Molfetta is located at the coast it is also easy to travel by train to the nearby cities like Trani, Bisceglie and Bari, which I’ve done a lot to explore and to get some big city life which I’ve missed since I used to live in Copenhagen in Denmark. 

Nonetheless Molfetta has been my home for the past five months with all it offers of both good and less good experiences. Friendships from all over Europe and Molfetta has been created and I will always look back on my time here with a happy mind;) 

Ci vediamo