One year working for, and with, children Blog dei volontari

16/03/2010 Ugur Ugur

After I received an e-mail informing about my voluntary service from Villaggio SOS I came to Italy in September 2008. I had no big expectations before coming here. I just wanted to play my instrument in my free times, learning new language, safety place for living and becoming aware of new cultures. Since September, I have participated in my organisation and everything is going well by now. My project responded all of my expectations. For example; I have little house just 20 meters away from my working place and it is including everything which you need. They arranged Italian Course and also they gave me a place for playing my instrument (saxophone).

With my other volunteer friends we visit every week another city. We have a strong relationship in our volunteer group. We came from different culture and everybody gains from getting to know the other's culture. I am coming from Turkey and i can find lots of common points between all countries and mine. Especially from Mediterranean areas.

The EVS work is very attractive and dynamic. My job is exciting and challenging with the children. I have developed better communication skills with them. I have also learnt many things that I had simply not noticed before and I have begun to feel more open-minded and to become interested their different needs. Their incredible ideas and questions sometimes stop you and giving a chance to think everything twice before moving on. And your profit is always unprizable: the biggest smile on your face!

The EVS project is a very important point to challenge to yourself. And at the same time it gives you a chance to do that in the safety place, with the good resources.
I remember a nice part from one of the old stories: some frogs believe that the sky is just as big as the entrance of the well hole which they live in. That’s why they can see just little part of the sky. I recommend all the young people to get out from there. There is much things than you could see. I did it one time in my life and i met with the wonderful persons.