"Not a place itself makes it a home it‘s the people that do. How can a place turn so fast into a home?!" - Moira volunteering in Italy Blog dei volontari

02/07/2024 Mateusz Przybylski

Ciao again! You haven't heard from me in a long time, right? And oh boy, you won't believe how much has changed since the last time... ok, actually to be honest, it was not that much, but still, since I’m living abroad, time is literally flying so fast...but let's start from the beginning:)

I was still working in the school, that has my whole heart<3. I enjoyed every little moment with the kids... every laugh, every hug, everything! And oh my, the whole school is just so incredibly amazing and made me feel so much at home. Why am I writing this in the past? My project ended Tuesday...it was so hard and my heart broke so much that day... I mean I spent 9 WHOLE months being there... I saw the kids grow... I formed bonds... but for me, it's never saying goodbye, it's saying see you soon:) and the memories will remain forever!:) But of course, so many good things happened as well! I enjoyed the time with the kids, I discovered so many new cities and lakes with friends, deepened the bonds with the friends I found here, that are my second home now:) I celebrated my birthday without my family here, but with my second family instead that made this day so special:) Chasing each other across the streets in Italy at night, eating cake at 1 am, laughing so much that your belly hurts, dancing macarena with an incredible view, swimming in lakes surrounded by beautiful mountains, going to concerts... and so much more! And I can't help but smile while writing this, feeling so much joy:) A while ago I read a really beautiful quote: Not a place itself makes it a home, it's the people that do<3 And I can 100% confirm, that this is so true, so grateful for my friends and my project here!! Now I have only two weeks left, I really can't believe it...My heart hurts but at the same time it's so full because how did I get so lucky that I ended up here and met all these amazing people, the kids and just everything!! So thank you Trento for everything, for letting me experience so much happiness and sunshine:) you have a really special spot in my heart!! <3

Bye for now:) Moira