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09/02/2023 Mateusz Przybylski

8 Febbraio 2023

Caro Diario, I've been here only for a couple of months but I already can tell I love the Nature in and around Trento. I arrived in November 2022 and I could feel the cold Winter approaching, but that didn't stop me from visiting the beautiful surroundings of the city. All of the sudden, I could see the mountains at the horizon in every direction I looked. I felt small but at the same time I saw them as something to be conquered. Needless to say I didn't, yet. I can even see il Doss Trento from my room's window in the apartment, and also every time I walk the road to the old city center.

The architecture is mesmerizing and inspiring. On every corner, there's a face made of stone, sculpt with so much emotion, they become alive. They are part of the city, but so is the Adige river and the mountains. There's something about the way the light hits the water that makes you see its beautiful green colour. You can walk next to the river and see the life that revolves around it. And we're still in the Winter, I can only imagine the way it feels once the warmer breeze of the Spring touches my face. The possibilities are limitless and everytime I reach further, a new horizon is to be disclosed, because Trentino doesn't stop at Trento. This has been so different from what I have experienced so far. The first time it snowed, and the second one as well, I felt like a kid again. All of the green gets a new white coat, and the excitment is so big, it doesn't even feel like it's cold anymore. Snow is not something I had to deal with in my hometown. I swapped the sunny beaches of Portugal for the Italian Dolomites and the explorer in me was reborn. This experience allows me not only to discover Italy, but also get to know people from all the corners of Europe in our tiny shared flat. The more different people I know, the more I get to know myself as well. Let the adventure begin.

Trento, Nikolay