My volunteer experience in Molfetta Blog dei volontari

02/04/2020 Ailina Zaguri

I want to share my story that took place in a small town in Italy called Molfetta. I spent six months in this place and I will always remember all the beautiful moments that I took part of in this great city, together with the most amazing people.

It started out with me looking around online for some volunteering projects, since I really wanted to get some experience in a new culture. So I ended up making a profile on ESC website, wich was one of the best decesions I have ever made, since it took me to Molfetta!

The first people I meet when I arrived was my mentor and one of the main people in the Inco Molfetta office, both of them was really welcoming and they gave me all the information I needed to start my experience. Later on I meet up with some of the volunteers, that arrived around the same time as me. We clicked straight away and this group of girls turned out to be the most important people for me during my time in this place and all of them have such a big place in my heart today. We shared so much crazy, lovely and fun moments together, they really made me grow as a person and I have them to thank for all the great memorys I have from this volunteering time. We also got to know many italians during my stay, wich gladly welcomed us volunteers into their lives. They are the most warm, happy and crazy people I have ever meet and I enjoyed every single moment we all spend together. I was also so lucky to end up with the most amazing roommates during this project and all three of them, one greek, one spanish and one swedish girl made all my days meaningful. 

Me and one of my roommates worked together in the same project, wich was called "Manzoni-Poli". This was nursery, primary and middle schools in Molfetta and our first mission was to present our countrys and cultures to all the students. My main assignment was to support the students in english, but I also got to lead some selfcreated projects. One of the most important ones for me was to help dyslectic students and support their learning in a more calm enviroment. I also introduced a yoga project, wich was a succsess. The kids loved it and it was so nice to see how peaceful and harmonic they got from it. Overall this schools were really great working places and I enjoyed my time together with my tutor, the staff and the students. 

We were around 20 volunteers in total during my period in Molfetta and it was such a great group of people. We had so much fun together during all the international nights and other events that Inco organized for us. This was one of the best experiences and I really want to thank all the people that stepped into my life during this months.

To everyone that is thinking about volunteering, DO IT! It will be the best decision you will ever make.