My experience so far Blog dei volontari


My volonteer service here in Trento started on the 8th of September. However the beginning was not going as expected because my project at the secondary school JA Commenius started 2 weeks later, which was actually pretty good for me because i had time to get to know the city and adapt to this new environment. 

The city is very beautiful and very lively, with lots of events. I was lucky enough to get some more days of sun and very good weather unlike in Germany, where summer wasn't very present this year. The good weather also made it possible to go to different lakes near Trento such as Lago di Lamar and even Riva del Garda. Further more my flatmates are very kind and help me if needed, which makes it easier, I also got to know many new people because of them. Because of my work in the school I get in contact with Italian which really benefits me in my task to learn the language. In the time span of only one month I'm able to understand the language quite good, the speaking however will take more time.  Overall I think I will really enjoy my volonteering experience here in Trento.