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21/06/2019 Aslıhan Alp

9 months that I will never forget in my life.

Ciao tutti! My name is Aslıhan. I am 25 and I am from Turkey. I did my EVS experience in Molfetta. Molfetta is small, cute and such a peaceful place. It was amazing experience for me. 

First of all, I worked in a high school which is called ITET Salvemini. I support teachers, I helped students. I tried to let students to speak English as much as posibble. And I attended several projects like gardening, movie days etc. Everything was wonderful in the school like Students, teachers. I met a lot of people in the school and all of them were so kind friendly and helful. 

The other reason why I had amazing 9 months in Molfetta is the other volunteers. We were almost 15 volunteers from different counturies. Thus, I had a chance to meet a lot of people from whole world. I have never feel alone in Molfetta thanks to these nice people. Again we attaned several activities together like christmas choir, diving, internatinal nights, cooking Italian food. They made my EVS better and better. 

I strongly suggest you have this experience in your life!!