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19/06/2024 inita upite

Hi, my name is Inita and I’m from Latvia.

I spent 8 months as an ESC volunteer at the I.T.E.T. "Gaetano Salvemini" school in Molfetta, Italy. This experience was incredibly amazing and meaningful for me. During this period, I had numerous opportunities to contribute as a volunteer in the school, and I also had the chance to work on my personal projects about sustainability, which meant a lot to me.

Being a volunteer at the school allowed me to immerse myself in a new cultural environment. Coming from Latvia, I was excited to experience life in southern Italy. The vibrant culture, rich traditions, and the warm hospitality of the people in Molfetta left a lasting impression on me. The region is known for its beautiful coastline, historical architecture, and delicious cuisine, all of which I had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand.

One of the most enriching aspects of my stay was the cultural diversity I encountered. I met amazing people and made new friends from different countries, each bringing their unique perspectives and backgrounds. This multicultural environment provided a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. We shared our traditions, languages, and experiences, creating a truly global community within the school.

Life in southern Italy was a delightful blend of relaxation and activity. The pace of life was slower and more relaxed compared to what I was used to, allowing me to appreciate the simple pleasures of daily life. The local markets were always bustling with fresh produce, and the food was nothing short of spectacular. I indulged in traditional Italian dishes, savoring the flavors of the region.

The people of Molfetta were incredibly welcoming and friendly. They took great pride in their heritage and were always eager to share stories about their town and its history. The sense of community was strong, and I felt a deep connection to the place and its people.

Working on my sustainability projects was particularly rewarding. I was able to collaborate with students and teachers, raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices. This experience not only allowed me to make a positive impact but also deepened my understanding of the importance of sustainability in our daily lives.

In conclusion, my 8 months as an ESC volunteer in Molfetta were truly transformative. The cultural diversity I experienced, the friendships I formed, and the opportunity to work on meaningful projects made this period one of the most enriching times of my life. Southern Italy, with its charm and warmth, will always hold a special place in my heart.