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05/07/2022 Plamena Ilieva

 The beauty is in the small things, and Italy will teach you exactly this.

 It took me a while to write these lines for you. I really had the difficulty to put together all of my emotions in one. To make some order. And to leave you that message with the hope it will be as sincere as possible.

 So, it’s me, Plami. And proudly I can say that taking the decision of doing this project and going to Molfetta was the best decision I have ever made. My journey in Molfetta started in the September 2020, and I am sure it will never end. The “adventure” was significant for my life. It gave a spirit to my dreams, it solidified my thoughts (when you meet people that touch your soul you can build a special and indestructible relationships), it made me understand what is important for me in my life.

 Once going in Molfetta, you will fall in love with everything. As you will see all of us (in the Blog) will talk about the beautiful sunsets, delicious food and of course the causes which we are doing there. But the most important is that all of this together creates an unique mixture.

 Through the time I spent there I have build a really strong connection with the city and the people which I met there. Some were locals, others foreigners like myself. But I am sure life will bring us together someday again. With the life that I had back then and with the causes I have worked for with my whole heart, I found my passion and I felt important in my work with the kids and my connection with the community.

 I was working in a school called “San Giovanni Bosco”. We had plenty of different workshops, such as reading class, movie time, painting, writing a letter etc.  The thing that I loved about it was that every day is different. The work is dynamic and you will have a lot of space to fulfil your ideas. Both the kids and the teachers are amazing (Italians in general are). The bad part is that maybe you as me will be amazed and very much get attached to the kids and once you finish you will miss them a lot. But this is a part of a teacher’s profession as a whole.

 As you know you will live with some of the other volunteers, but for me thinking of the people who I lived with as just flatmates is impossible, because the only word which describes them is Family.  Our coexistence is the proof that once you open your heart, every difference in between can make you even closer. I did never expect that I am able to become so close with people that are so different from me as personality and interests in general. I also could say that living with them made even the hard periods really nice experience. It is true, you will not agree for everything, and there could be a little drama because of different habits or something, but once you speak I am sure you will figure out everything.

 I can proudly say that I met one of my best friends and favourite people in life, thanks to this year spend in Molfetta.

 And yes, of course, there were difficulties, but I always say that exactly they are fundamental for building a personality, for creating a valuable human inside of you. So don’t be afraid of them and take them as a present.


 In the beginning when we got there, we have played a game (and probably you also will). We were asked to write down our fears and hopes. My biggest and only fear was that the time will past really fast. And it was true. It will be exact one second from the moment you arrive there until the one that you will pack your bags and say Goodbye, but believe me in that one second you will have the most unforgettable experience.

 The beauty is in the small things, and Italy will teach you exactly this.