Deniz’s Journey Blog dei volontari

19/01/2023 Mateusz Przybylski

I am Deniz, At the age of 24. I was at the very beginning of life. I wanted to leave some memories of my youth to remember. However, I wanted these memories to be a plus for me, so I met Inco! And now i am currently volunteering at a nursing home in Bolzano, Italy.
I was an experienced social worker in Turkey. It makes me happy to practice my profession in an international environment in Bolzano.

Before I came here, I had a lot of question marks in my mind. I didn't know the language, would I get along with my roommates?
Then when I came, I realized how well and beautiful everything was. This experience was worth it for everything! So what do I do at the organization I volunteer at? Some activities aimed at preventing the old people from getting bored and keeping their minds fit… For example, we prepare handmade decoration products with them on various holidays, sometimes we play question and answer games, and we organize parties accompanied by a DJ every Thursday.Extra, the trips I organize on my weekly and monthly leaves give me great memories!I did not know that I was very successful in making handmade products in the past.This project taught me how successful I was in many subjects and I had the opportunity to get to know myself.