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19/06/2019 Lucía Ramos Marcos

Best experience in my life:

Hello! My name is Lucía Ramos, I’m 22 and I’m from Spain. These 9 months in Molfetta have been amazing.

I’ve attended a school were I‘ve had the opportunity to help the teachers carrying out many fun games and activities with the students. Moreover, I’ve participated in many interesting activities with the other volunteers like a christmas choir, cooking sessions with elder people, a diving course and some other cultural events.

Apart from that, in my free time I have made so many friends both local Italians and many volunteers from all over the world. That gave me the possibility to learnt a lot from their cultures and to practice my English and Italian all along my stay. With them also I visited almost the whole Puglia and organized different trips to other places.

Molfetta will be in my heart forever. I recommend this adventure to everyone. you won’t regret it!