10 wonderful months in Molfetta Blog dei volontari

31/10/2021 Emma Funch

My name is Emma and I volunteered in Italy for 10 months, in a small city in Puglia called Molfetta.

I arrived in Molfetta 5th of September 2020, to a big house filled with volunteers from all over the world. I was nervous, but excited at the same time. I had never travelled alone before, but I always dreamed of travelling around the world, exploring cultures, and making new friendships. This project was exactly what I had been looking for and something I will always look back on.

I lived in a house with 10 other people and together we lived 10 months in Italy during covid. It was of course challenging with the restrictions and lockdowns, but I was so glad that I was living with the people in Cifarelli. They became a family for me, and we would do everything together. We travelled around Italy, cooked together, partied a lot, played various of games, but overall, we grew a strong bond that I will never forget.

I also had a great experience working as a English substitute teacher in a kindergarten, primary- and secondary school. I attended the English classes and worked together with the English teachers with various subjects, such as poetry, global warming, bullying etc.  It gave me the opportunity to learn more about the culture in Italy and as well, be creative and show my culture.

Overall, I had the best time of my life in Italy, with my housemates, teachers, students and InCo.

Thank you!