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07/03/2021 Eszter Juhász

My name is Eszter Juhász and I'm from Hungary. I have lived in Molfetta for six months from September in the famous "cifarelli house". 

When I finished my Bachelor in Budapest at Franz Liszt Academy of Music, I wanted to gain some new experiences in a new country with a totally different culture and people. I didn't know what I wanted to do exactly in my future and what more important is that I wanted to move out from my comfort zone.
With this ESC project in Molfetta I got everything of these. I got really colourful and great, funny, open-minded flatmates with whom I could laugh and make a lot of parties and lust, but not least play the Dobble card game a lot of times! 
I had the possibility to travel a lot in the first few months so I could see several beautiful cities and taste the most delicious panzerotti and focaccia ever! I will never forget Ostuni's white houses, Polignano's amazing beach, and Alberobello's trullo-district. These are unforgettable experiences for a lifetime. 
Not to mention about the pizza nights and the "International Dinner Evenings" in the flat what we figured it out together. Every nations took part in that who lived in our house and each of them had to give a dinner to the others, and of course they had to make their own traditional food. For example the spanish girls made tortilla (which became one of my favourite), there was turkish breakfast, french night, burger night, and of course hungarian dinner night with lapcsánka and fánk (donut). Actually we were 3 hungarian girls in Molfetta so we organized several dinner evenings together when we just tried to make hungarian traditional food with italian ingredients, which sometimes was a big challange to us.. :)

So finally I would highly recommend this experience for everyone who wants to try out something new and meet with people from other countries and totally different traditions, customs (f.e. hungarian dinner is at 18:00/19:00 o' clock since spanish and italian dinner time is at 21-22 o' clock :)) ) You'll definitely get use to it and enjoy, I have no doubt about it! South-Italy is the best choice if you want to meet with really friendly and open people!