My experience in Pergine Valsugana Blog dei volontari


I’m Noémi from Hungary, and I arrived here in middle of september. I live in Pergine Valsugana, which is a small town near Trento, and my project takes place in a youth center.

Pingpong, pool, tabble soccer, card games, karaoke, hike, geocaching, museums, workshops, art labs, homework, fun but at the same time more serious events happen. I enjoy „working” with young people, even if they are 14 or 20 years olds. Once a week I read english books in the library for small kids. The language limit it a bit annoying thing, but I’m trying to break this wall between me and the kids and collagues. At the beginning we were 5 of us, now only 1 InCo volunteer is living and working with me, okay, the flat is not as crowded, but sometimes I miss more people, and friends. I like the lakes and the places where the nature is close, so I usually bike to Lago di Caldonazzo.  

Living in a small town has its benefits, for example I could discover the town in a very short time, and I don’t have to use GPS, not like in Trento. If I need some space or more lively surroundings, I can reach Trento with train easily. However, Trento offers a lot of cultural or other kind of experiences, but our opportunities feels limited sometimes, living in Pergine, especially for entertainment opportunites during the weekend or the night, getting home is not easy. Despite of that, travelling is still an option, I’ve been to Milan, Bologna, Firenze, Bolzano, Merano, Verona, Lago di Garda, and my bucket list is still too long… Learning, get to know new people, experience more and more…