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02/07/2022 Viktoria Pakataridou

Hello hello..

I am Victoria and I am 27 years old. I have always had the desire to travel and explore new places.
Living and working in Italy for 10 months was an essential experience for me as I had the chance to discover my Italian origins but also to develop my professional career.
Why Molfetta? Because is so small like a house of a grandmother that offers you a warm hospitality. South Italy and Puglia especially, is so familiar about the life style I am used to, but at the same time so particular that you can’t find similar in any other place in the world.
The experience of working and living abroad is not always easy. You need to overcome difficulties and resolve problems by yourself even if in theory there are organisations and people who are supposed to support you.
What remains in your mind is the people, the delicious food, the beautiful moments and the life lessons.
To all these people who want to see more and more in their life, 
just  go  out  of  your  comfort  zone  and  live  your  life!