I. day: BENVENUTI! Blog dei volontari

12/07/2016 Laura Vazquez Vazquez

Here we are in Villazzano, a little part of Trento, at the bottom of the mountains.
In this adventure participate a group of Italian, another of Bosnian people, and finally our group which is Spanish.
After all of us arrived, this trip has begun.

Day 1:

8.30: We just finished breakfast. At first, in the morning we started to know each other, playing some meeting games. In order to learn somethings about our personality and about the personality of the other participants, we used the item game.

To finish the morning, we were talking and writing about what were our expectations and fears regarding this exchange. And in conclusion, we realized that all of us have more or less the same list.
In this house everybody participate in the house necessaries: for example one day one group cook lunch and other group cook dinner, and these turns change everyday and we also have a timetable where we can see what we need to do everyday.

Then, after having lunch, we played a quiz which consists in finding, knowing something and taking selfies at the most important monuments of the city, like “piazza Duomo” or “Castelo Buonconsiglio”.
This activity was made by groups, so while we were doing it, we kept knowing our new friends.
In conclusion, we spent a nice day and it was only the first day. We hope that during the week our expectations will be reached!