20/04/2023 Mateusz Przybylski

Who would have said to the Esther that arrived last June to a small town in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige that the year she has just started it’s almost over. A year that meant a lot, in every sense that you could think of. But let’s start from the beginning. 

The welcome to my ESC experience could not have been better. My project Updoo World, my coworker (and now also friend ) Patty, the volunteers from the previous year that were here finishing their experiences (Caro, Maya and Cris) that showed me around and helped me adapting to this new reality of my life…. Everything seemed to come to place, piano piano, but settling down. 

I took this year as a way to discover new aspects of myself while taking part of a social change activity. And wow, it’s been even better than expected! Being part of a European project, working for an association that resonates a lot with my values and sharing it with people as enthusiastic with music as I am, has made it incredible (Patty, Lorenzo and Chiara, if you’re reading this, thank you for trusting me since day 1 and helping me being a better person). 

Rovereto to me now is like a second home. I’ve seen it changing during the four seasons and on every festivity, and I can say im not tired of it. Every corner of the city has something special to me. It’s true that in the beginning, a new city, and also a new culture, could be a little bit overwhelming. So many new things to learn and to deal with, but be sure that is going to be easier than you think. And it’s going to make you grow and mature while you get used to it. 

I’m super thankful for the experience I got to live. Even though, in the beginning I was kind of disappointed because I was the only volunteer in Rovereto, now I only see it as an advantage, because I could fully immerse myself on the Rovereto lifestyle. Im so grateful to have met Elena, Alessandra and Lisa, the best flatmates I could ever think of. It’s been with them that I really learned the Italian language and culture (in every sense, trust me ). Love you so much girls. Of course, Chiara, Matti, Gre and Marghe, my girls from gymnastics. The group of guys, that counted on me since day one (Sebas, Matte and Domi, you guys are the best). My favorite German girls, Linn and Emily; Patty and Tommaso; Giuliano, Chiara and Lorenzo; Luisa and Antonio; Anna and everyone that I encounter this year, without you, this wouldn’t have been the same. 

I’m so ready to rock this last two months! But who said this is the end? For me, this experience is just the beginning