ESC al Surf Clube de Viana, Portogallo - L'esperienza di Adele Blog dei volontari

11/09/2023 Fabiana Paoli

"Con la prima newsletter pubblicata sul profilo della hosting organization @surfclubedeviana ho ripercorso i primi mesi di esperienza qua in Portogallo, fra scoperte del mondo del surf e esperienze in Viana do Castelo. 

Le principali attività si sono concentrate nella sede del Surf Clube, con la manutenzione del centro e l’aiuto nella gestione delle attività quotidiane, o sulla spiaggia di Cabedelo, dove ho potuto supportare le lezioni di surf insieme a diversi allenatori. Oltre a ciò ho potuto prendere parte ad alcuni eventi specifici, come i campi di allenamento con gruppi di parasurfer o l’organizzazione di campionati locali, sia per surf che per bodyboard."


Ecco qui le esperienze riportate nella newsletter!


During the weekend of 6 and 7 May 2023 both SCV volunteers took part in the food collection activity in Viana do
Castelo. The solidarity project was organized by the association Banco Alimentar de Viana do Castelo with the aim of
involving all citizens living in the city. It was therefore an opportunity for our volunteers from Italy and Spain to get
involved in a project that has existed for a long time and strongly entrenched in the local community. The volunteers
spent one day each at the Continente supermarket in Darque, meeting other volunteers of the Banco alimentar and
helping in the material collection, mainly, of pasta, legumes, milk and biscuits. Propose to participate and deliver the
useful bags to the collection was a time of experimentation of the Portuguese language, testing their skills in a new
environment.The hours spent were also an opportunity to meet with citizens who have been living in Viana for more
time, knowing other associations and learning the chain of operation of food delivery.

Following the arrival of the second volunteer at our Clube, we organized a gastronomic evening that involved the
whole team for the evening of Monday 8th of May. The main dishes have been prepared by volunteers, so they can
present some typical of their countries of origin: for Spain Alvaro cooked tortilla de patatas, for Italy Adele prepared
lasagne alla bolognese and focaccia. Almost all the working group of the Clube participated by offering other typical
food, such as Portoguese appetizers, cheeses and salami, burritos and several sweet proposals. This was also an
opportunity to welcome and wish Adele a good experience, creating a convivial moment that could strengthen the
relations created.

In connection with the European volunteer project, Adele and Alvaro have the opportunity to attend a weekly
Portuguese lesson at the Escola Secundària de Santa Maria Maior in Viana do Castelo. The course is attended by about
twenty people from different parts of the world (Peru, Ukraine, England, Belgium, Argentina, Russia, Holland, ...) and
students are aged 18 to 70. According to the needs, the teacher is explaining the basic rules of the Portuguese
language, trying to propose ideas and exercises that can be useful in the daily life of all students. In our case are
usefull phrases to be repeated especially during the help in the water with the Nauticas classrooms, which there are
many children and young people with whom it is more difficult to speak English. Some times are also analyzed
festivals or typical Portuguese music to allow them to enter the culture of the place.
The lessons will continue until mid-June and are accompanied by an online course managed directly by the European

The European Solidarity Corps programme offers young people aged between 18 and 30 the opportunity to
participate, in a solidarity and altruistic way, in different projects, in different fields, such as social work, sport, health,
environment and sustainability, social inclusion and immigration. This allows young people to travel and meet new
people and new countries, with the aim of learning and sharing experiences, providing voluntary collaboration,
consolidating European values and contributing to the development of their personal and professional path.

Adele started her experience at the beginning of April, she is originally from Canelli, a small town in the North of
Italy, and her volunteering will continue until the end of September. These first months were characterized by the
discovery of the world of surfing and the entry into the working group of the Clube. Before this experience she studied
for a master’s degree in Pedagogy and management of educational services in Italy and worked for some years in a
welcoming and integration service for refugees."