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"I feel that the Sofia who will return to Spain in a few...

Hello, everybody! I'm Sofia, and I come from Spain. My experience as a volunteer in Bolzano started nine months ago.

...from Love to Amore...

''Be the reason someone smiles'' as Roy T. Bennett says... This is exactly what I try to do here and in fact every moment of my life.

...where the sun warms the sky

What a bittersweet experience it is when we come to the end of a lifelong memory.

“Without a doubt, over the course of these months, I...

Ciao, my name is Emma. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Germany. I finished high school last year and went to Italy to volunteer.

My ESC experience

Hi, my name is Inita and I’m from Latvia.

My volunteering experience!!

Ciao a tutti! My name is Marisia, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Greece.

Emerging throw the city of Molfetta

CES AssociazioneInComolfetta europeansolidaritycorps solidarietà solidaritycorps stayactive2 nonformallearning ESC Molfetta youth volunteering Europe
I embarked on a volunteer experience in Molfetta, a historic city in southern Italy. Through Associazione InCo, I focused on professional development in roles like social media management, filmmaking, and copywriting. I created InCo's branding and templates for...

"It’s bittersweet to think about my project ending" -...

Ciao:) I am Salome from Georgia, and I have been a volunteer in Italy for 9 months already. It seems unreal to me how fast the time has gone, but I guess it is proof that I had an amazing time.