First blog post from Jakub our new volunteer from Poland who will be doing his ESC in Trentino Social Tank.  


My name is Jakub and I have started my volunteering experience after leaving the world of corporate finance and lengthy spreadsheets behind. Although that was a leap of faith on my side I do not regret making this decision. Au contraire; each day proves that I have made a choice that I will thoroughly enjoy. I do what I like and what I am good at, I live a social life that leaves out nothing to be desired. 

Now, do not get me wrong and think there are no difficulties involved, which would be an obvious lie. There are people I still cannot understand, things I need to relearn and new places that I need to get accustomed to. It makes my brain boil when I realize how much this city is different to those cities I lived in previously, to what extent daily interactions vary from the place of my origin. Roaming around the place I pay attention to details I would not have paid attention to, finding an utter joy in discovering foreign culture gesture by gesture, word by word, one coffee or Aperol Spritz at the time. I am sinking into Trento voluntarily and I feel this place sucks me into a warm embrace too.

I would encourage anyone who is open to new experiences and values interesting acquaintances to give volunteering a try. There is no shortage of outspoken people you will meet here - I am yet to meet someone bleak, but I reckon this is unlikely to happen nonetheless. Since the people who take up this sort of challenge are rather adventurous I keep finding myself in awe of the stories they tell. And down the line there will be stories and memories I will create with them. These people have already rendered my perspectives richer and I am not even halfway through!


- Jakub Kania