Un'Avventura Indimenticabile: La Scelta di Partire Blog

24.05.2024 Claire Brunat

Ciao, Bonjour ! My name is Claire, 24 years old from France.  

After obtaining my degree, I decided to embark on a one-year volunteering mission with the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) in Italy, in the region of Apulia, in Molfetta. I had always wished for an experience abroad and discovered the opportunity to volunteer with the ESC. So, I took the plunge! And I don't regret this decision because I believe it was one of the best decisions of my life.

My project was within the office of the InCo association, and this choice of project was related to my professional background. I remember my first day at the office, the language barrier was complicated, and I wondered, 'How will this unfold?' It was a bit challenging for me to speak English and Italian, but the best way to learn new languages is to live in the country.

My tasks were very diverse, and I had a lot of creative freedom, which I really appreciated! I was able to propose my ideas and activities!The work in the office gives you the opportunity to discover and participate in many things. You'll work on social network communication, but you'll also promote European initiatives and opportunities for young people. You also participated in all the events organized by the office and led activities with non-formal education. You've got no time to be bored!

Living abroad generates a sense of sat, discover Italian culture and traditions, learn a new language, and forge bonds with locals and other expats. Volunteering allows you to gain professional skills also.  This experience has given me personal growth and an open mind by living in a multicultural environment. In Molfetta, I truly found my second home. I feel so comfortable, and the bond you form with the locals is incredible. One of the wonderful things that volunteering brings is the connections you create.

I would like to thank all the people who made my volunteering experience amazing and unforgettable. Going to work every day was a pleasure with my colleagues, the InCo Team! To my extraordinary friends whom I met this year from all over the world! And to the people of Molfetta, who are incredibly generous!

So if you're scared or hesitant, my advice is to go for it, because it'll probably be the best decision of your life! Immerse yourself as much as possible in the culture of the new country and learn the language, it will always be a plus!