The almost Venetian Carnival. Blog

Reme reflects on the imposibilities created by the pandemic. 

The city feels ours, somehow it helps. I've recently been told that It will not be possible to go home for the next few months to see my family, and although it is sad news, at least Trento feels like home now. 
It feels so much like home that sometimes I found myself realizing that there's a possibility than in the next few months I will walk these streets for the last time, how awful does that sound, right? 

I firmly believe that movement attracts movement (don't quote me on that, I really don't know science) and having a routine, working daily, sharing ideas and talking about projects has made me already more creative, more efficient, and the world noticed. During the last week, I've done an interview for the thesis of a spanish student (It is crazy that I am considered a reference by someone) and have been offered to send whatever I write to a couple of spanish outlets, I didn't have to do anything, movement attracts movement. 
On a different note, coronavirus huh, what a couple of years... 
We were planning to go to Venice during this weekend. It seemed perfect... Carnivale and Valentine's Day in Venice, at the same time, the year in which tourist are not allowed to flood the streets. Turns out, moving between regions is still kind of forbidden so all the planning and hyping up got lost pretty easily. 
We will still have a pretty great weekend, of that I'm sure. 
At least we'll have great breakfasts, lately our life has been quite focused on breakfast. 

That's all folks. Take care. 

Reme Torrico