Juliette is a young french volunteer that just arrived to Trento to start her experience as a volunteer and is facing her feelings towards the changes she has recently faced. 

 I arrived at Trento on a sunny day by train, I remember that I was amazed by the mountains all around the city that I was able to see from the window. I was really relax, and happy to finally arrive at destination. I was so excited to discover the flat and meet the girls I will live with. So I waited Antonio while dreaming of what would soon be my life in Italy. Antonio arrived in a red car, and started to talk to me in Italian only, I was surprised but also happy, I remember that I thought « that’s cool I am directly immersed in Italian culture ». I was of course little bit frustrated to not be able to answer him as I wanted but I tried to do my best. Knowing that the best was a mix of French, English and Italian…

 After a few minutes, we arrived to the accommodation, I met the girls. Reme talked with Antonio, she had some questions about the flat. He answered and then left, and let me here. I asked to the girls how many bedrooms were there. They told me that there were only 2 bedrooms and an office. I was quite confused because I thought I understood during the interview, that the flat could welcome six people, so I was persuaded that I would have my own bedroom. As I’m really attached to my personal space, it was kind of a challenge to pass through this detail. But I hadn’t the choice.

 I started to settle down, and realized that I was in a country where I didn’t know the language, where I didn’t know anyone, and far away from my love ones. But then in the evening we went to the city center to have a drink and discover the famous Italian Spritz so I didn’t had the time to completely realized.

 I would say that I realized what I was engaged in step by step the next days. It was a feeling that doesn’t have a name, it was a mix of pride, sadness, fear, loneliness, joy and impatience. Indeed I was proud of having a long trip alone, of being here for such a project, and proud to have been able to let all my landmarks behind me to go into this new experience abroad.

 I was sad to feel alone, but also happy to think that I will learn to be alone, happy to know that this period of sadness and this feeling to be lost were also some feelings that help me to grew up. In terms of the feelings of fear and impatience, they were linked together. Indeed I felt impatient to meet new people, but also scared at the thought of not be abble to. To put it in a nutshell I would say that during my first week my emotions and feelings were like the roller coaster.

I am now in my second week here and I can say that my emotions and feelings oscillate less. It’s probably because I am slowly creating new landmarks here. I mean I’ve started to discover the city, meet new people, and have plans. Also we transformed the office in a bedroom, so I have my own bedroom now that I have decorated.

I can say that after 14 days here, if I’m still amazed by the mountains, I feel a little bit more home than in the first days.

Juliette L'her