"Nice to meet you, I'am an European volunteer, and proud of it"!!;) Blog

20.10.2010 beyza surmen

Here you go, you’re into it! At last you are having the experience you have been dreaming so long about! You’re alone, no friends, no girlfriend, you’re not in your town, neither the air your breath nor the sun that shines are the ones you’ve grown used to: you’re in Italy! Now there is no excuse: it’s you and the unknown; and two paths diverge in front of you… either you fight, or you go back home.This is exactly what I was after. To put my forces to the test, to see if I can face something completely new, without any support from the people I know. That’s a good thing.
As a volunteer, I have encountered many new experiences over the course of these activities and also learnt many things that I had simply not noticed before. I have also developed better communication skills.
I was very excited to share my culture with others and thought this fits perfectly with the project’s desire for bringing multicultural activities to those people. I had also the opportunity to be a kind of ambassador and to represent my own culture from its strong and weak points, my own people with its past and present..
The EVS project is not only a year abroad, a break from routine. On the contrary, it means to live intensely your life, to start off and head to unknown seas, and be back one day with your sheap filled up with gold. A treasure you bild up everyday with your own hands. Nice to meet you, I’m an European volunteer, and proud of it!;)