New beginning: an international social service in Padova Blog

Lara, Lotta, Kim and Jakob started their one year adventure at the beginning of September. Their International Social Service program brought them all the way from Germany to the University of Padova, where they support young students with a wide range of disabilities and learning difficulties.

Self-reliance and the wonderful social-experience are definitely the most important aspects of a voluntary service in Padova. The practical part of work contains driving and accompanying students with disabilities to the faculties or home. Very open-minded and friendly is how you experience every student and also co-workers in this indispensable project, which made it easier to settle into our new environment quickly.

Within a short time we noticed how important it is to know the streets and public transport well for our work, from which we also benefit in our free time. But Padova does not feel much like work actually.

Of course we have developed a feeling of responsibility for the accompaniments and the necessary punctuality, nevertheless is the interaction with students mainly serenly and joyful.