My point of view on my ESC-experience in Molfetta Blog

06.11.2020 Anita Lauridsen

To go to live in a different country, can be a scary thought if you haven't done it before. It is a leap of faith as one of my dearest friends from Molfetta would say. To take this leap of faith and to do something I had no clue of how would turn out, has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. How cliche to say but that doesn't make it less true. With all the ups and downs there have been during my four months in Molfetta, I learned more about myself, my opinions, culture, language, political issues, and life in general than I have learned in the past years. Even though this sounds amazing, the most important part is that I have met the most amazing people you can find in the whole of Europe! More specifically, my ESC family! <3 

My ESC family

When I arrived in Molfetta on the 6th of July after an exhausting trip from Copenhagen, I was met by my mentor Diana, who is a very loving person. She and her hilarious friend Clelia, who always makes me smile, took me to my apartment where I was going to live for the next four months! I was so excited to meet the unknown people who I knew nothing about. In general, I had very little information about accommodation, the work, the other volunteers, and so on. Before I went to Italy I was a bit frustrated about this since I couldn't clarify to the people from my home who asked me about this experience. In the end, I believe this was a good thing because I didn't have any prejudge about anything because I simply didn't know much about the people, the work, and the life in general in Molfetta.  
When I arrived at the apartment, after the first obstacle which was to carry my suitcases all the way up to the 4th floor, I met my coworker Flora, my new roommate Jesus and Lili who was living in another apartment. They were cooking some food together and the vibe was very chill. This first moment actually kind of characterizes my whole experience in Italy because we were always cooking food together and chilling which have always been my favorite moments. 
Soon the other volunteers joined the group one by one and I remember the first month as a period with a lot of gatherings where we just talked to learn more about each other and our different perspectives of life. In fact, all these talks have had a big impact on me and my points of view. In my ESC family, we all have very strong personalities which have been so exciting because of all the good discussions we had and different stories from our lives which everybody was able to tell! All in all, I never thought it was possible to really care and love so much for other people during just four months but with all the kindness, honesty, and open-mindedness these people had to each other, we created such a good environment which I will always miss! Thank you so much to all the amazing people in Molfetta and thank you for the amazing times we had! You have truly made my ESC experience something special! <3