From Villaggio SOS di Vicenza Blog

“Before going to Italy, I’ve got to admit that I did not really have any expectations concerning housing, work or overall coping with the totally new situation of being on your own.
I love the villaggio; I could even imagine staying there if I had not already got my place at the university. It is probably the greatest experience I have ever made.
The villaggio is regularly visited by old volunteers, not only the ones from abroad, but also from the Italian ones who have been working there only for about three months. I think this (amongst other things) does prove it is a great project and a brilliant place of assignment to spend a year in.
The relationship with the children is very good and I know that I will miss them later on, as well as my Mamma SOS and some other members of the staff. After every weekend I am actually looking forward to return to the villaggio.”