Experience in Italy Blog

15.06.2011 Paola Carlone

My name is Paola and I'm in Rome since January. Work with children and adolescents without parents. The work is a bit difficult because of the difficulty of the children (they have no family or have problems) and also for the age “teenager” but also very beautiful when you can build a relationship with the children and they let you in enter their world. Those days makes you forget all the difficulties and finished the day happy.
For me this experience is very important not only for working with children but also for living with people of different cultures and ages. In this case I had any kind of problems but it helped me learn a lot.
Also in my case I’m from a very small country we are only 3 million of people, and came to Rome that have 6 million and a lot of tourist, so this experience of live in a city with a lot of different cultures it’s very important to me.
I love being here, the life of a volunteer is very pretty, has many good things and has bad things but from these you learn.