EVS in Italy Blog

My name is Ceren and I came from Turkey (Istanbul).
Before I came to Bolzano I had no idea about this city. After a bit searching actually I was afraid. Because Bolzano is a different city. İt's in South Tyrol (Italian name Alto Adige) and German and Italian cultures has been mixed together. Also a small minority have Ladin as their mother language.
Most of people speak German sometimes without Italian. And that's because I have to say that; here is not real Italy.

On the other hand Bolzano entirely located in the Alps. And at that times for me it means "I will die from the cold". With all these feelings and fear I came here. And after 1 month later, I remember like yesterday, I told to my family "I can live here until at the end of my life".
Even if it is not real Italy, Bolzano is a fantastic city with a perfect nature. Small, cute, peaceful.. And warmer than istanbul, I have never seen any snow in the city!!

My hosting organization VKE aimed to defend the rights of children to play. And they arrange so many usefull and nice organizations for children without recompense. Still my project is continueing and till now on I haven't got any problems with my team. They are always so understanding and friendly..
I have learnt so many things and still I am.. I learnt to manage my life with myself (which is really sometimes so hard and exhausting. Because although so many friends, you have to resolve the issue of alone) and of cource different cultures, languages, ideas, foods and everything..
And I met here some amazing people which is really makes me so lucky!

And I want to say one of the last thing; during EVS you would have perfect moments, memories, friendships and everything but at the same time you have to prepare yourself for "live in solitude". And for sure it is gonna be your biggest experience that like never before in your life.
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