Corona, can it stop Solidarity? Sure no!! Blog


During my stay in Ostuni, Italy I have learnt a lot and one of the most important thing that I have learnt is ''Never give up''. I know it is a bit old term and even there are some movies with it. But to be honest when you work with those kids, you will see this term in real life. They have problems in the family, in the environment and they are dealing with it since they have born.

So I learnt from them to deal with the issues. So one of the biggest issue of our days is this virus called ''Corona''. So it was last 4 month left from my ESC and I was in Roamnia for a trip and I couldnt enter the Italy back. But we never lost to contact and working with the Villaggio SOS Ostuni and we always took care of each other. If you ask me did it work? yeah sure. Because even little smile or hearing eachothers voices is giving power to us to fight with the situation and overcome it.

Now in Villaggio we beat the virus and all of the members are negative and also the kids. This is one of the best news for this week. Now Maria is staying in my room as the last infected person from the virus with my collegue Karolina. They also overcome the virus finally and light is not that far from us now. We can see good days are coming for us and for our lovely, my second country Italy. As we say all the time when we talk

'' Ce La Faremo''

We will make it!!