Altdöbern Blog

Gardener in a castle park. Life and work with 7 other volunteers. Unique experiences and seminars in germany.

On september 1st I started my project in Altdöbern, a small village in Brandenburg, Germany. A project of care and promotion of the country's historical heritage. 
Seven other European and German volunteers and I take care of the maintenance and renewal of the park of the castle. 

Concretely? Gardening: raking leaves, watering trees and flowers, keeping the park's streets intact and clean... 
But also various jobs, such as building a new path, or working with wood to build new benches or bridges.

Why is it a unique experience?  First of all, we are 8 volunteers who live and work together, dealing with our different cultures, ages and life styles, training to live in a plural enviroment. Another interesting aspect is that this project has lived for 11 years. This means that there is also a link with the volunteers of previous years. Another particular thing: our host organization offers us many seminars, in addition to the two European seminars.
In this way we have the possibility, besides visiting different cities in Germany, to open our minds, getting to know young people from different parts of the world and discussing current issues with them.

It is not always easy for me to live this experience, but this means I have the unique chance to grow more and more!

Cristina Sarzilla