YouCOME: Newsletter NO 2

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In september 2022 in Struga, North Macedonia was realized the Training of Trainers event. The aim was to generate the knowledge regarding sustainability and social responsibility, providing youth with non-profit Digital marketing ‘8Ps’ mix and Social media tools focused on increasing the pressure on public authorities and business sector for the implementation of Sustainable Developments Goals [SDGs] policies.

Non-formal education working methods and tools were used throughout the ToT engaging the participants in design and delivering small non-formal activities: team-building games, simulations, role playing, storytelling, problem solving, cooperative challenge, interactive workshops, brainstorming sessions, outdoor activities.

ToT had 3 sub activities: (a) SDGs for facilitators; (b) Development and implementation of Digital Marketing campaigns; and (c) Developing of marketing creativity using smart phones.

The YouCOME methodology intends to promote and disseminate the good practices, knowledge and know-how involving participants to be more aware of the importance of everyone’s contribution to saving the Earth implementing SDGs using Social Media. YouABLE ToT Methodology is a mosaic of eight modules. Accordingly, each session consists of lectures, discussions, activities, as well as reflection and constant dialogue with facilitators and among participants. The minimum TOT duration is four days (a half day for each module). Depending on the goals of a given training, the duration of a certain module can be extended, above all, with practical creative activities. After the training of trainer’s course, teachers should have (or mature before the training) solid multi & interdisciplinary competences. Methodology has been translated into the official languages of the countries participating in the project: Albania, Lebanon, Italy, Montenegro, Poland and North Macedonia.

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