"SPACESHIP: e-learning solutions" is a KA2 Strategic Partnerships project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union that aims to bring e-learning solutions closer to the youths. 

The project, its inspiration and the partnership

Coordinated by the Danish Youth Team, SPACESHIP is developed together with 3 international partners:

- Associazione Inco  (Italy)

- Codec vzw (Belgium)

- D.G.T (Romania)

The project duration is 28 months. It started in December 2022 and will last until March 2025. 

The project aims to respond to the need of partnership and our peer organizations in terms of fundamentally reinforcing quality digitalization of non-formal learning education, while at the same time providing the individual youth workers with a way to upgrade their personal digital and soft skills in order to boost their professionalism as learning providers.

The objectives and the expected results 

Digital skills are increasingly important in today's world, where technology is playing an ever-expanding role in our personal and professional life.Here are some reasons why digital skills are so important:

  • Employability: Many jobs require digital skills, and this trend is likely to continue in the future. By having digital skills, youth workers can make themselves more employable and better positioned to succeed in their careers;
  • Communication: Digital skills are essential for effective communication in today's world. Whether it's through email, messaging apps, social media, or video conferencing, digital skills are necessary to communicate effectively with others;
  • Productivity: Digital skills can help individuals be more productive and efficient in their work. By understanding how to use digital tools and software, individuals can complete tasks more quickly and accurately;
  • Innovation: Digital skills are also important for innovation. With digital skills, individuals can create new technologies and products, and develop new ways of doing things;
  • Personal Development: Digital skills can help individuals with personal development, such as learning new things, expanding their knowledge and skills, and developing new interests and hobbies.

Overall, digital skills are critical for success in today's world. Youth workers who possess digital skills will be better equipped to navigate the digital landscape, communicate effectively, be more productive, and drive innovation!

Therefore, the main objective is to create an online space to equip youth workers with essential digital skills. Funded by the European Union and developed by youth workers, the platform is the place to find relevant tools, learn how to use them, and use them in their daily work. 

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