IMPROVE - October's Newsletter

Here you can find the last newsletter of the project “IMPROVE: Preventing low reading interest”, a KA2 Cooperation Partnerships in School Education project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 

Started in November 2021, the project aims at finding new and innovative methods to increase the interest of young people in reading, and it is coordinated by the Spanish organisation FUNDACION XUL and developed together with 7 international partners:

  • SMART IDEA (Slovenia)
  • Associazione InCo (Italy)
  • CODEC (Belgium)
  • Second Gymnasium "7 Marsi" (North Macedonia)
  • Colegio Séneca S.C.A. (Spain)
  • JumpIN Hub (Portugal)
  • CEBDER (Turkey)

In this newsletter you can learn about the latest updates on the projects: the last Transnational Partner Meeting and the project's final conference, both held in Tetovo, Skopje, hosted by the Macedonian partner "7 Marsi". In this Newsletter you can also find all the reference needed for the project's results: 

  • A manual of good practices
  • 2 teachers' trainings
  • Policy reccommendations

October, 2023