Go Green Youth Navigator

#GoGreen - Youth Navigator is a Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth, under the framework of Erasmus+ Program, that will bridge two programme objectives: 

  • to support awareness-raising on the environmental and climate goals 
  • taking up innovative practices in a digital era. 

The project main aim thereafter is to contribute to the just and inclusive transition to sustainable living by empowering the youth work sector across the globe to raise awareness on environmental issues by personal example and digital tools – the language of young people.

Partners: Associazione InCo Interculturalita & Communicazione APS, BADGECRAFT, CODEC vzw, JumpIN Hub, PLANBE Plan it Be it, SMADT IDEA, SYSTEM&G

Go Green Youth Navigator is an organization that aims to raise awareness about the environment, to instill environmental awareness among young people and to increase this awareness among young people. This movement encourages young people to take initiative and take action against environmental problems.

This initiative encourages young people to: Understand environmental problems, produce innovative and creative solutions to these problems, take action and take initiatives against these problems, supporting the adoption of innovative practices in the digital age. It also offers young people the opportunity to lead on the environment.

Another of the Go Green Youth Navigator goals is: to ensure that future generations become conscious and responsible individuals about protecting nature, and to take an active role in environmental issues.

On the website (https://www.gogreenyouthnavigator.net/), it offers you various possibilities to take a greener step. It is also available on an Instagram page (@go_green_youth_navigator) where you can find practical tips for sustainable living. It is very important to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle in order to leave a better world for future generations. The small useful habits that you will change in your life will be very good for you and future generations.

Today is not too late to start, on the contrary, today is a great day to start.