Volunteer in Italy in the field of youth

Is your age between 18 and 30 years old? Would you like to come to Italy for a period of volunteering with children, families and young people? Associazione InCo is looking for a boy or girl to host from May to end of December 2020! 

Bolzano, Italy

From May to December 2020

Organizzazione ospitante


Context of VKE

VKE is an association of volunteers, founded in Bolzano in 1974 by a group of parents, who wanted to dedicate themselves to emphasizing children's and young people's right to play and creating playing areas for them, but also to the improvement of children's life quality, as well as that of the youth and their families in general. The main activities of VKE are:

  1. "Spielbus/Ludobus" a small bus with several games to visit the different comunities of the Province of Bolzano offering children the opportunity to play and learn together
  2. "SpielHaus/CasaGioco"is a small house for the promotion of the free time where children can find different games
  3. "Estate Ragazzi VKE" are summer camps for children aged between 3 and 14 years.

Some words about Bolzano

Bolzano-Bozen is an autonomous province situated in North Italy with having its borders to Austria and Switzerland. Together with Trento, it makes up the region of Trentino Alto Adige/Südtirol one of the five autonomous regions in Italy. Bolzano happens to be a unique example of cohabitation with hosting Austro-Hungarian origined inhabitants as majority of its population who speak an Austro-Bavarian dialect of German, about a quarter of the province is Italian-speaking and a small minority speaks Ladin as mother tongue, while both Italian and German are the official languages of Bolzano-Bozen. As a result of sheltering a multilingual and multicultural population, Bolzano happens to be one of the most important examples of ‘coexistence atmosphere’ in the territory of Italy. The province in total has more than 500.000 inhabitants and hosts the Free University of Bozen which makes it easier to find free time activities compared to the rest of the smaller Italian cities. Bolzano is also blessed with the luck of being situated among the Alps and the Dolomites which were declared as world heritage by UNESCO in 2009. The town of Bolzano is in easy commute to Trento, where InCo is :-), in about 40 minutes by train and in about 1,5 hours to Innsbruck, Austria.


Proposed activities

The volunteers' tasks could be summarized:

  • participation in the organization and implementation of games in the frame of the "Spielbus/Ludobus" and of the game centers (“Spielhaus/Centri Giochi”);
  • support in the organization and development of summer centers;
  • organization and realization of workshops about their own country or about Europe;
  • organization of inter-cultural activities together with the other volunteers;
  • raising awareness about the youths' right to play;
  • participation in the team-meetings and in the monthly supervision with the other volunteers;
  • promotion of new activities and projects connected with the voluntary service, for example presentation of the EVS to young people of the territory.
Numero di posti

1 volunteer

Requisiti per partecipare

We are looking for a boy or girl aged between 18-30 who is interested in the topics covered by the project.


Food and accommodation

You will get free accommodation for the whole duration of your voluntary service. You will live in a single room with shared room, laundry facilities and a fully equipped kitchen with cooking facilities. You will share the apartment with other volunteers. You will get a food allowance to cover your food expenditures. 

Cosa fare per candidarti

Send your CV and attached Application Form to evs@incoweb.org.

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