EVS opportunity in Northern Italy with children and youth

InCo is ready for the second deadline of 2018! We are looking for 1 future EVS volunteer for our partner VKE, based in BolzanoThe project lasts 12 months, from October 2018 to September 2019. Interested? Please read on for more information. Attached you can find the Infopack.


The Association:

VKE is an association of volunteers, founded in Bolzano in 1974 by a group of parents, who wanted to dedicate themselves to emphasising children's and young people's right to play and creating playing areas for them, but also to the improvement of children's life quality, as well as that of the youth and their families in general.


Proposed activities for the volunteers:

  • participation in the organisation and implementation of games in the frame of the "Spielbus/Ludobus" and of the game centers (“Spielhaus/Centri Giochi”)
  • support in the organisation and development of summer centres
  • organisation and realisation of workshops about their own country or about Europe
  • raising awareness about the youths' right to play

How to apply:

Please follow the application procedures:

1) Download the application form from below: 

3) Get deep information about EVS and its conditions. Read as much as possible about the receiving organisation you are interested in and the city where it is located, verifying if it really matches with your ideas/dreams of experience abroad. Here the Infopack:

3) Contact your Sending Organisation

4) Discuss the opportunity with your Sending Organization checking the opportunities offered and your expectations. Matching profile and opportunities is essential to guarantee a great service for you! In case of doubts, write us an email (evs@incoweb.org). We will be happy to help you.

5) Ask your Sending Organisation to send us an email with your application attaching the form together with the CV with picture

The deadline to apply is the 20th April at noon. Our email is: evs@incoweb.org


Be aware:

  • We will not accept application done by volunteers directly, only through Sending Organisation!;
  • Email's subject must be: "EVS application InCo through Sending Organization: VKE". Emails without the specific subject will not be included in the selection process.
  • Emails which do not follow the indications will not be processed as valid applications and will be directed again to this announcement
  • Successful applications will receive an email of confirmation.

Good luck :)

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