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Ciao, I’m Rosa from Austria and I spent 10 months volunteering in Italy. It was a time of exploring a new culture as well as myself. I experienced a lot of situations and habits which were strange, unusual & funny for me. Only a few of them I collected...

La mia esperienza di volontariato a Mooooolfetta : )

En este escrito comentaré mis impresiones, experiencias y consejos acerca del voluntariado que realicé en Molfetta en 2021-2022.In questo articolo commenterò le mie impressioni, esperienze e consigli sul volontariato che ho svolto a Molfetta nel 2021-2022.In...

Life in Molfetta

 The beauty is in the small things, and Italy will teach you exactly this.

Dolce vita in Molfetta

Ciao a tutti,my name is Sophia, I´m 19 years old and I´ve spent 10 months in the beautiful region of Puglia and experienced life in Molfetta. 

Unforgettable 10 months in Molfetta

Hi, my name is Tereza and I've spent the last 10 months in the beautiful town of Molfetta, in Puglia. 

My Days in the Adriatic region

youth work Volunteering Molfetta
The experience and key insights of Deniss' volunteering year in Molfetta.