New EVS opportunities in Germany

 The Steinbeis Innovation Centre "European Projects" is accredited as a coordinating and sending organisation within the EVS-program, for hosting volunteers it is cooperating with several organisations of the german social and health care system....

EVS in Poland

There actually 9 EVS projects available to go and volunteering in Poland; the deadline to apply is March, 25th: the projects' scopes of action are children, youngsters, and disabled people. The projects can last from 1 month to 1 year, send us your application to...

Open selection for Brasil!

InCo organization, together with "International Alliance of Inhabitants" (IAI) is organizing the third edition of the project "Inhabitants of the World", EVS in third countries. Please note it is only an opportunity for youngsters living in Italy!

Would you like to go to Spain?

The organization Paideia, located in La Coruna, Spain,is currently looking for a volunteer to carry out a project connected to young and disabled people. Be careful: in order to participate with InCo you need to e living in Italy!

Romania: are you willing to go right now?

The project is ambitious, and it focusses on the development of youngster and of the local community. The aim is fostering and stimulating youngsters' participation (especially as to people with less opportunities) in the life of the cities, enhancing and creating...


InCo organization, together with the "International Alliance of Inhabitants" (IAI) is sekking a motivated volunteer for its "last minute" vacancy for the EVS project called "Inhabitants of the World" in Mexico: don't miss this chance!

Have you always dreamed of going to Belgium?

Then this is the opportunity you were looking for! The organization Gigos is currently selecting volunteers for numerous projects: they will be submitted the the National Agency before the deadline of the 1st of April and, if approved, they will start in July.

New EVS project taking place in the Netherlands

The dutch organization Code-X International is currently selecting 2 EVS volunteers for their offices in Culemborg, 1 under the name of "EVS Training Coordinator" and 1 as "Digital Head". Be quick, applications are accepted only until March, 1st!

Volunteering in Ireland (not EVS!)

Did you already have an EVS experience and would you like some more? This could be your opportunity then!

Informative meeting for all youngsters interested in EVS!

Are you looking forward a new experience? Would you like to leave, change, learning new things without getting bored? Then EVS (European Voluntary Service) is the right program for you!

Selection process open for projects involving...

If you are interested in participate in one of the EVS hosting project coordinated by INCO, here you can find all the useful information in order to candidate yourself to the next selection process!

Are you inspired by Greece...?

... and especially during summertime? Here's an opportunity waiting for you!

EVS in third countries: “Towards the World Assembly of...

INCO organization, together with the "International Alliance of Inhabitants" (IAI) is currently planning the third EVS project "Inhabitants of the World", and this time we will include countries in Latin America, Africa, and Russia: an...